Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A few more psalms drafted

Psalm 108 September 2007 (98)
Psalm 110 September 2007 (65)
Psalm 111 September 2007 (74)
Psalm 144 September 2007 (130)

I haven't spent much time with these psalms yet. It's the nature of drafting. I am sensitive to the fact that my memory grows slowly and I may be doing things in ways that disable my thinking - but I will learn at the pace I am directed in - brain cells take time to grow.

I have noticed that there are places where my translations are woefully inconsistent in word usage - like spelling hallelujah in 3 different ways - and debating whether or not to translate it - Praise Yah or Praise the LORD - I think not this last. Maybe untranslated completely? - Hallu Yah. (Hello?) All these things are in database tables so are in principle directly accessible to me - but only as a hacker DBA. So maybe I will suggest some tool improvements when the next release of the diagram software is available - like a global change across diagrams...


eclexia said...

Bob, you amaze me, because even though I cannot understand a lot of your technical study, you communicate the heart and principle of things you understand and believe in such a down-to-earth way (I'm mainly thinking of your comments that I've come across at various places on the web, which have led me to your blog). I think that is a great gift you have--to think like a scholar, and be able to communicate to the rest of us. It's a bit intimidating to say that without knowing you personally, but I trust you can hear my heart's affirmation and not misunderstand me.

The first paragraph in this post really captured my attention, even though it's not the main point. I've been thinking about brain plasticity and marveling how God created our brains to work. What you wrote about how your learning and study is coming along makes my heart want to leap in worship and admiration for God!

Bob MacDonald said...

eclexia - eclectic readings - thanks for your comment and encouragement. I read some of your note on lament. It is good and reaches us deeply. We can trust our trust in the trustee - and the Trustee will honor and grow us. The key to lament is that it is face to face, nose to nose. (regardless of whether face or nose means anger or not). The psalms are our most complete example of such conduct. They work too even when we are the source of our own trouble.