Friday, September 28, 2007

Now this is fun

My alter-bloggo wrote about what it's all about - but today after a night of struggling with colour ideas, I decided it must be about colour so I brewed an algorithm to calculate the back colour of a node using the gematria value of the Hebrew consonants in the node. It is really quite remarkable and some of my early colours correspond exactly!

You can compare the colours [not any more] - left side is the gematria colour, right side is what I chose as I pondered months ago. See e.g. Psalm 8 so far. One advantage of this approach is that the colour scheme will be identical for all psalms where the same word or phrase is in the node. I can also adjust automagically the border width, the gradient colour, forecolour, and border colour as well as a number of other properties. Ideas are welcome.

I think I will try one of the word studies in Psalm 119 - ... 5 minute break ... hmmm - I will have to colour something based on root or the colours will change depending on the parsing of the words. Also if I play with forecolour, I will have to make sure it is readable against the back colour - could be a tricky calculation since colour values are subject to sudden changes.... thinking...

Here is psalm 67 with border width based on a rudimentary root algorithm. And Psalm 18. (It is just a bit over the top that the gematria of Psalm 67 supports my conjecture of identifying the 'him' with the 'produce' of the earth!)

When I look for similarities and circles - I ask if there is any significance to the same colour for different words - unlikely. But the same word repeated can be seen from colour and/or border width at a glance.

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