Saturday, July 14, 2007

Studying Hebrew in French

My study partner whom I met again this morning at synagogue needs to practice French - so having survived my cycling I went to the Morissette Library and got out Les psaumes redécouverts (51-100) by Marc Girard, Bellarmin 1994, (he was born in the same year I was - and both of us in Quebec). It looks like he has taken Vanhoye's approach to structure, an approach I like very much.

I began with his translation of Psalm 51. The outline is very clever. He arranges the words in a circular table so you can read down the left column and up the right column. This allows him to show the concentric structure and place the keywords adjacent to each other on the page. (I have used the same colours I did the English in since the tool I am using supports English and French concurrently. But the idea of representing the nested macro and micro structures is appealing - it would fit with John Hobbins' request for more of the prosodic structure to be shown - must consider this ... flat surfaces are a challenge to multi-dimensional thinking.)

I am somewhat astonished at how close his French is to my literal English - but maybe I have had too much French wine with my chicken. See the French here. (And I am delighted to have absorbed some of the tedium of correcting my own missed plural constructs from last year.)

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