Friday, July 27, 2007

Approaching the 50% mark...

I have not had much time for psalms in the last two weeks. On the sufficiency blog, I have been writing a chapter by chapter review of Frymer-Kensky among other things. At work, I have a major new project starting which I hope will keep going. But in the last fortnight I have still made a little progress: 119 ayin, peh, tsade, and quf are drafted and also since my last list:

Psalm -52 (90 words)
Psalm -54 (62)
Psalm -55 (193)

When I have completed a draft of 119, I want to have a really close look at what all these key words seem to mean by the usage of other words with them.

תורה [torah] law, teaching, instruction
עדה [edah] testimony (plural in the psalm)
אמרה [imrah] word, promise
פקּד [piqud] precept (pl.)
חק [chuq] statute (pl.)
מצוה [mitsvah] commandment (pl.)
משׁפּט [mishpat] judgment (usually pl.)
דבר [dabar] word, thing

It is easier to read and type without points, but I've probably got some of the vowels wrong.

I heard or read somewhere that this is a boring psalm - I haven't found it so.

Psalm 119-A-H 5 parts March 2007 (240)
Psalm 119-V-Y 5 parts July 2007 (257)
Psalm 119-K-S 5 parts July 2007 (255)
Psalm 119-Ayin-T 7 parts in progress (341)

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