Friday, July 13, 2007

Psalm 119

Some new psalms in a slightly revised table of contents
Psalm -27 July 2007 (149)
Psalm 119-V-Y July 2007 (257)
Psalm 149 July 2007 (63)

I am astonished at the personal love in the 119th psalm. So far I have managed the first 10 parts and have preserved the acrostic!!!!

It's a bit odd at times and I substituted a few letters of course. I was translating this while alter bloggo was writing poetry on bread making (just kidding - there is only one of us and we are neglecting our other work). Open Hebrew grammars and lexica strew the apartment here - exercises half completed, a major RFP to read and respond to in financial systems, and the toilet exploded this morning - the input pipe, fortunately. And all the time we are supposed to keep up with the myriad of Biblical Blogs!

Is there anything about exploding toilets in Psalm 119? No - but the word about enemies is deep. People [yes - there are enemies among them] do actually take advantage of you if you give them the opportunity. When they are confronted inescapably with their abandonment of trust, perhaps they too will know that word of promise and love that the Psalmist so clearly speaks of.

Of two things let's be sure: don't take advantage of another - especially if you have power, or knowledge, or whatever; and the steadfastness of God is our strength as well as the strength of our 'enemies', even of those that have taken advantage of us. It must be true as a consequence that if we do make enemies, there is the possibility of reconciliation - though it is not necessarily ours to effect. There is a thought here - I am not sure I have caught it - something to do with the reality and cost of love as understood in the context of the everlasting covenant with our God.

I have counted 8 key words in Psalm 119 - and a host of verbs to go with them. The 8th word is slightly hidden - I used red foreground to distinguish it. I will work more on this - I think there is something to find. (A contained explosion of clean water, perhaps).

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