Thursday, October 30, 2008

Roots with alef-zayin

Note: these posts are the outputs of an initial algorithm for finding the root - in comments feel free to tell me what the right answer should have been for any line or lines so I can refine the algorithm.

Psalm --2 )Z אָז Then
Psalm -10 )ZN אָזְנֶךָ your ears
Psalm -17 )ZN אֵל הַט אָזְנְךָ God incline your ear
Psalm -18 )ZN בְאָזְנָיו to his ears
Psalm -18 )ZN אֹזֶן the ear
Psalm -18 )ZR הַמְאַזְּרֵנִי clothing me
Psalm -18 )ZR וַתְּאַזְּרֵנִי and you will clothe me
Psalm -19 )Z אָז אֵיתָם then I will be complete
Psalm -30 )ZR וַתְּאַזְּרֵנִי and clothed me
Psalm -31 )ZN אָזְנְךָ your ear
Psalm -34 )ZN וְאָזְנָיו and his ears
Psalm -40 )ZN אָזְנַיִם ears
Psalm -40 )Z אָז then
Psalm -44 )ZN בְּאָזְנֵינוּ with our ears
Psalm -45 )ZN אָזְנֵךְ your ear
Psalm -49 )Z הַאֲזִינוּ listen up
Psalm -49 )ZN אָזְנִי my ear
Psalm -51 )Z אָז Then
Psalm -51 )Z אָז יַעֲלוּ Then they will offer
Psalm -56 )Z אָז then
Psalm -58 )ZN אָזְנוֹ his ear
Psalm -62 )ZN בְּמֹאזְנַיִם in the scales
Psalm -69 )Z אָז אָשִׁיב must I restore
Psalm -71 )ZN אָזְנְךָ your ear
Psalm -76 )Z מֵאָז from when
Psalm -78 )ZN אָזְנְכֶם your ears
Psalm -86 )ZN אָזְנְךָ your ear
Psalm -88 )ZN אָזְנְךָ your ear
Psalm -89 )Z אָז Then
Psalm -92 )ZN אָזְנָי my ears
Psalm -93 )ZR הִתְאַזָּר he has girded himself
Psalm -93 )Z מֵאָז of old
Psalm -94 )ZN אֹזֶן הֲלֹא the ear will he not
Psalm -96 )Z אָז then
Psalm 102 )ZN אָזְנֶךָ your ear
Psalm 115 )ZN אָזְנַיִם ears
Psalm 116 )ZN אָזְנוֹ לִי his ear to me
Psalm 119-A-H )Z אָז and then
Psalm 119-K-* )Z אָז then
Psalm 126 )Z אָז Then
Psalm 126 )Z אָז יֹאמְרוּ then they said
Psalm 135 )ZN אָזְנַיִם ears
Psalm 135 )Z יַאֲזִינוּ will they listen

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