Thursday, October 30, 2008


excluding the object marker and 'you' and there is an error in the root algorithm here too - can't find the word give NTN not )TN - hmmm

Note: these posts are the outputs of an initial algorithm for finding the root - in comments feel free to tell me what the right answer should have been for any line or lines so I can refine the algorithm.

that's it for alef.

Psalm -12 )TN אִתָּנוּ with us
Psalm -67 )TN אִתָּנוּ on us
Psalm -74 )TN וְלֹא אִתָּנוּ and there is none with us
Psalm 105 )TN אֶתֵּן I will give
Psalm 132 )TN אֶתֵּן will I give

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