Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The next steps in the structural analysis of the psalter

From a couple of posts ago, there was a quote from Wilson that seems too good to leave alone. After completing the acrostics (112, 119, 145 still to go), I will move to his royal and wisdom frames:
Wilson speaks in a more recent essay of a "Royal Covenantal Frame" to the Psalter, consisting of the royal Psalms 2, 72, 89, and 144, and a "Final Wisdom Frame," consisting of Psalms 1, 73, 90, 107, and 145 (the first psalms of Books I, III, IV, and V, along with the final psalm of Book V proper).
Some of these (in black) overlap with my first impressions of structure - more to discover...

Hmm - already discovering - how does any royal frame omit psalm 110? or 45? I bet there are some wisdom issues too that are shortchanged in such a short list...

Stay tuned - and please do give me some critical feedback on the posts linked on the right.

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