Monday, August 18, 2008

End of Holidays

Back in Victoria now - wondering what to do next with the Psalms. Phil's comments here say to me that a lot of people don't know what a treasure they have in these words.

So how do we get the message?

I will likely continue to look for end-to-end structures as I try and make my raw translations more readable.

My response to David's question below is here.


David Ker said...

Glad you're back. Don't forget to share photos if possible...

I guess my question about the Psalms is with regard to the key theological concepts of the New Testament. Grace, justification, the fruits of the Spirit, love. These all seem to be missing in the Psalms and thus we can't really embrace them as representative of our New Covenant experience. Second, the ideas of community and family seem lacking while nation seems to be overly prominent in ways that I don't know how to appropriate.

Perhaps this has been part of my Cyber-Psalm experiment.

Bob MacDonald said...

Photo's - I have tons of Newfoundland - they will go if I pick a few on the Sufficiency blog - I don't mix non-psalm thingys here.

Thanks for your questions - I will do a post on them - very good questions.

Bob MacDonald said...

David - I put some pics up here