Saturday, July 19, 2008

Posts with somewhat smoothed translations

It is still a long road to fluency but I search out the psalms for a more fluent English which can perhaps depend less on Hebrew word order and the enigmatic presence of the text of two languages - fun though that is.

These are the posts so far in the series:
Psalm 1, 2, and 149 The outer circle
Psalm 3, 4, 5 A left buttress for Psalm 6
Psalm 6 and 143 An inner circle
Psalm 140, 141, 142 A left buttress for Psalm 143
Psalm 42 and 86 Surrounding the Elohist Psalter

So it seems to me that there is a circular structure to the Psalter - with some eccentricity. The next pairing is Psalm 8 with 144. Psalm 144 also picks up themes from 40 and 90. Psalms 145-148, 150 provide completion on other grounds - of acrostic and praise. Psalm 7 is a trickier piece to place - unique as a reel (שִׁגָּיוֹן shiggaion), potentially in agreement with the wicked falling into their own net image of Psalm 141 - but with reservation as to who the subject of that verb is in Psalm 7. It is sufficiently ambiguous that it is feasible that God falls into the net that the wicked have set.

Addendum: why pair 144 with 8? - because 144:3 invokes it directly. Then 144 drags in 40-45-58-90 which by my rough measure are strongly related - scoring > 3.5 in my sounds-like measurement. Another set of pillars? Don't know yet.
Update - links to these psalms:
Psalm 7
Psalm 139
Psalm 8
Psalm 144

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