Friday, May 09, 2008

Reached the two-year-old stage

How do you learn a language? When I was best at it, the process was completely unconscious. I knew nothing of grammar or of spelling. It was aurally imitative and whether I got it right or not, the rewards were adequate. Can one summon such momentum into an old age? I don't yet know, but even though I have deciphered the psalter, I am still having a hard time remembering spelling and grammar - though I can identify a few bits and pieces.

For fun, I used the diagramming tool to create some mac-tac blocks with a little help from 4 bags of cheap blocks from the $ store. (Thanks for the wood to my comptroller - and what do my employees think of this application of their software!)

It is a challenge to spell with blocks - I doubled and trebled some of the more common letters but it is quite an exercise still to look for the last resh to complete a word.

Imagine if you had learned phonetics at your mother's knee. (See this post from Iyov and the comments.)

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