Friday, May 02, 2008

Psalm 12

[I deleted the questions - I asked them on the Biblicalist and got some very helpful responses].

Let me see if I can 'make sense' of this psalm, having just read the morning's Globe and Mail section 1 with its stories of mass child abuse and the corruption of warlords, and the bridge column - warning me to make an appropriate safety play.

For the leader, in octaves
A Psalm of David
Save LORD,
for ceased are the mercied
for vanished are the faithful
among the children of dust.

Emptiness they speak
a man to his friend
lip divided in heart
and heart they speak

The LORD shall cut off
all lips from
the divided tongue
speaking boasts

who said
with our tongue is strength
our lips with us
who is Lord to us?

For havoc of the poor
for the groaning of the needy
now I will arise says the LORD
I will impose. In safety he will breathe to it.

The sayings of the LORD
sayings of purity
silver refined in a furnace
in earth purified seven times

You, O LORD keep them
You will guard us from
this generation to an age
All around the wicked walk
to lift up the worthlessness
of the children of dust.

If the first pass through the psalms took 1.5 years - the second pass will take 15. Every letter, every differing translation, every note - one psalm a month? Yet I know this is not possible - there must be a better way. Instant love.

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