Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Practising a new not quite skill

Looking at the prosody alone and following the rule of 2 or 3, I have divided verse 2 (1) and 12 (11) as above. I picked verse 12 since there is a verbal connection with verse 2 - but the prosody is different.
For Suzanne at BBB.


Suzanne McCarthy said...

Thank you,

I hadn't noticed the other occurrence of this phrase in the psalm. This helps.

I didn't realize originally how important punctuation and phrasing really was.

John said...

You've got it down, Bob.

22:2 consists of a pair of 2:2 lines.

22:12 is a single tripartite verse, 2:2:2 if the MT's maqqephim are given full force, 3:3:3 if they are ignored.