Sunday, June 10, 2007

Less than a milestone

It's embarassing publishing bugs in one's own calculations. That's why we always do walk-throughs when developing code. One should also pay attention to the little voice that says: your indicators do not make sense yet.

I have less than a bit of a milestone - more than 33% of the verses and of the phrases are in a drafted form in English and Hebrew on the emerging contents.

These three tipped the two measures over 33%.
Psalm -44 June 2007 (197)
Psalm -45 June 2007 (160)
Psalm 128 June 2007 (47)

I hope to do some consolidation over the next two weeks reviewing the consistency and variety of my drafts and doing exercises in Brettler especially in the area of verb recognition (I get to borrow the book for 2 more weeks!) . I hope to reduce my dependency on having first to find the word in some literal translation in order to find it in BDB using the Strong's number. What a history we have here - primitive identifications of words manually sequenced as if the body parts could make up a life! But I have to admit, for one who is not fluent at recognition, I could not have moved in this time period alone without the alternative lookup mechanism.

What is the best way to teach something so new as a language? Even just translating psalms 44 and 45 made me recognize that I was in the presence of another writer in the psalter - the prepositions even seem different (like מִנִּי which occurs in this form only in Ps 44,45,68,74,78,88 and Job many times, only 2 other places according to my Hebrew-Latin concordance. Maybe one of the sons of Korah, or someone named Asaph, also wrote Job.)

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