Sunday, September 17, 2006

Psalm 3

Psalm 3 has a first draft. Not only am I learning Hebrew - and soon will do a diagram of Hebrew verb forms; but I am learning to find colours for concepts. Psalm 3 was not an easy one. Looks early to me (like the work of a young and not so experienced poet). The danger of assuming that enemies are other than of our own making and projection is a serious one. Psalm 1 mentions the wicked more than the righteous. So I have coloured Psalm 3 showing the wicked (from David's point of view - and who was Absalom anyway - eh - just his son by Bathsheba - right !!) in the same colours as David. Did David love his enemies? Of course - if he was, after all, a man after God's own heart. Not only is our piety 400 years old, but also our attitudes to colonial righteousness. We still make war - in contrast to the prophetic word in Psalm 46. Psalm 3 is now in a completely updated table of contents - you will see that all 150 psalms are ready for a high-level colour coded hierarchic, chiastic, form-critical, supercalifragelistic view.

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