Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The first cut at a table of contents

The tool I am using is amazing for learning - no limit on nodes, lots of hooks for links, queries, alerts, charts - but I am not using these yet; a colour palate way beyond my abilities - and now some pending improvements in publishing allowing the linked diagrams and all their supporting links to be published at the click of a mouse.
In the meanwhile, I have a manual portrait of the psalter and the four and a half psalms I have done so far (see the sidebar for the full map).

The general comments are from Creach, Jerome F. D. Yahweh as Refuge and the Editing of the Hebrew Psalter ( JSOT SS 127 1996). When I finish, I am not likely to have such a high-level summary, but his starting point has been very helpful. Note also the link to a Wiki site on an overview of the psalter.

more to come ...

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