Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I made a minor modification or two to the table of contents to show a unique relationship between Psalms 110 and 36 - both are oracles though they do not exactly use the word as a title. In each case the word can be taken as a verb or a noun. So Psalm 36 can begin, The transgression of the wicked speaks within my heart or An oracle of transgression of the wicked within my heart.

(Some want to change my heart to his heart - but why? says Augustine - for sin speaks very clearly in my heart and about me not necessarily about others.)

So why 'oracle'? Because these psalms are prophetic and that word n)m is used in the expression 'thus saith the Lord' many times and almost exclusively. Why not translate as a verb? Verb is OK, but we pass over it. Psalm 36 has no genre in its title in Hebrew, and the word seems to fill that emptiness nicely. Psalm 110 has the genre order reversed from the usual order, so it seems to invite the additional identity.

By prophetic, I mean they say truth to us and to their generation. Notice also the repetition (not exclusive but shared by both these psalms) of the motif of the torrent.

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