Friday, February 29, 2008

Who I am not

Can you define yourself apophatically?

I am not the Bob Macdonald who runs Quirks and Quarks. I do not teach Parenting 101. I am not on TV.

This blog is about Psalms.

I do know something about parenting so I will, once, answer a comment that was left here just in case it was not spam.
I saw you on tv last night in a program called Food for Life and you were talking about parenting. I only caught the last part of your talk but it was enough to lift my spirits. You said something about mercy and how parents themselves should also learn how to be easy on themselves.
... My mother was a very angry woman. She would lash out at me and my siblings for no reason. I vowed when i had a child of my own i will never be like her. Sometimes though i snap just like her. I dont want my daughter to grow up afraid like me. She is 5 years old now, and im hoping its not too late to change.
My answer will come later when I have time to think

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mommy_moon said...

Dear Mr Macdonald,

Im terribly sorry. I had you confused with another person. Upon checking the man i saw on TV is a Bob Mcdonald, no a on mac.
To be exact it was a Deacon Dr Bob Mcdonald from canada as well and the name of the show he was on is Food for Life.
Your picture on your blog resembled the man i saw.
I was wondering if i had the right person because i saw your age as 62and the show i saw was a rerun from the 80s.
I am still interested to hear what you have to say though, about parenting.
Thank you for replying and again my apologies.