Saturday, February 10, 2007

Psalm 17

Psalm 17 lies between 15-16 and 18-19. The same issues re enemies as in the first 10 psalms are part of this dialogue. The entrenchment of this prayer for enemies between two Torah-like Psalms may be deliberate. Many will say that this is a prayer for protection against enemies or a prayer against enemies - and there probably are some of these in the Psalter but I have not found them yet. Even Psalm 7 is ambiguous as to who the subject of the disaster is - it might be the LORD, not the enemies. I don't think I am condoning making enemies by this statement. That seems to happen all by itself sometimes - there are a few names in my black book, [and since writing this I have removed them lest I not escape till I have paid the last penny] and I am sure I am in the books of some. I wonder though if the prayer for enemies to find death has a positive spin in redemptive death. You may notice much red coloring in some verses - this usually points to the cost of redemption or the covenant of blood in some way.

I have it in mind to completely recolor some psalms - with some new ideas, shapes, and frames. That way too I will have to reread them in Hebrew since the transcription is not so obvious once they are translated.

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